JUNE 18-19

On June 18 and 19, 600 of the most innovative startups, researchers, journalists, and pioneering self-trackers will gather from all over the world for the annual QS Conference.


Public Exposition

On June 20, the QS15 Exposition opens to the public at Herbst Pavilion on the San Francisco waterfront, with a packed exhibit floor and expert-led how-to sessions on health, fitness, learning and much more!



Fitbit Empatica Dexcom Healthways Apple Runkeeper Autodesk Pebble Dacadoo RescueTime AddApp Beddit Withings Azumio uBiome Intel Jawbone Zensorium Emfit
From fitness bands to smart watches, DNA to the microbiome: explore the most empowering products and ideas in the world of the Quantified Self.


Athletes Hackers Activists Doctors Artists Scientists Nurses Patients Designers Developers Teachers
Learn from friends and peers in over 100 sessions curated from the best of the Quantified Self community worldwide.


Brain Sports Sleep Love Health Work Focus Fitness
Hands-on demos of the latest products, including prototypes of novel sensors and apps not yet available in the market or anywhere else.


Learn Run Cycle Heal Strengthen Move Stretch Jump Swim Remember
Practical how-to sessions from experts in the most advanced health, performance, and fitness practices.

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